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Multivariate Testing Action Plan

Multivariate Testing Action Plan

Before starting a multivariate testing project it is important to gather some background information about the business and marketing programs. This framework will serve as a guide for the project and will identify constrains or issues early in the process....Read More

Testing Your Call to Action

Internet advertisers and direct marketers face a single challenge: how to call their prospects to action. It may be a simple click of a mouse, the mailing back of a coupon, joining a mailing list or dialing a number. The action will vary, but the end is common to all: how to engage the visitor. Multivariate testing is all about optimizing your ability to call your visitors to action.

The Multivariable Testing Approach

Multivariate Testing optimizes the relevance of your message. It tests your visitors responses to different combinations of variables (hence the term ‘multivariable’). Through this analysis, it formulates and prescribes the optimum compelling combination of content and form on your website. It is a perfected trial and error method that has repeatedly proven to optimize audience response.

OfferMaxima Multivariate Testing

At OfferMaxima, we bring our fifteen years of experience in multivariate testing to optimize your web site design, strategic emails, direct marketing campaigns and printed advertisements. We apply our proven methodology to target your specific aims, ensuring your online reach calls your visitors to your desired action.

Benefits of Multivariate Testing

• Comprehensive Testing – more thorough than A/B split testing
• Multivariable – identifies interrelationships within several variables (rather than a silo approach)
• Economic – utilizes a minimal flow of traffic to gain statistical data
• Exact – reduced probabilities of false positives
• Firm Foundation – validates results by audience
• Reliability – provides representative samples
• Transparency – enables the client to understand its conclusions

Platforms which use Multivariable Optimization

E-Commerce Sites – testing the behavior of consumers who interact with online stores
Lead Generation Sites – exceeds A/B split testing in increasing the conversion of leadgen pages
Direct Mail Campaigns – multivariate tests increase response rate
Email Campaigns – multivariate tests increase opening and clicking rates
Online Ads and Banners – multivariate tests optimize clicking rates
PPC Campaigns – MVT uses Google AdWords own algorithm to gauge and optimize your PPC ads
Printed Ads – OfferMaxia is a pioneer in applying MVT for printed ads

OfferMaxima’s multivariate testing methodology allows to quickly execute multiple multivariate tests, measure the effectiveness and relevance of content across any online or offline channel, and increase revenue through significantly higher conversion rates.